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AU-1 Corsair

AU-1 Corsair

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The VOUGHT AU-1™ Corsair® was a fighter aircraft of the United States Navy. It was produced between 1942 and 1952 by Vought-Sikorsky Aircraft. The popular Corsair entered service in 1942. The distinctive shape of the bent wings and the rearward-shifted pilot's cabin and propeller with a diameter of more than 4 meters made it one-of-a-kind. The long operation of the constantly improved Corsairs began to come to an end with the advent of jet aircraft. Corsairs took an active part in the Korean War, where they ceased to play an important role as fighter jets but they worked very well as support aircraft. Since 1952, Corsairs bearing the symbol AU-1 had entered the U.S. Navy. The letter "A" in the name meant support aircraft. The aircraft were armed with four 20mm cannons located on the wings. A new advent was the hooks used for hanging rockets and bombs. The Corsair was also able to carry about 1,815 kg of combat payload.

The COBI Corsair kit – set number 2415 - was developed under license from the American mega defense technology company Northrop Grumman. The AU-1™ Corsair® contains 330 COBI blocks and one pilot figure. The model of the fighter aircraft from COBI was created with attention to the smallest details. The aircraft has a movable propeller and fins. Its rotating wheels with rubber tires can be extended from the chassis in the take-off or landing position. The wings are folded in a way that is characteristic of this aircraft. Block hooks allow you to attach rockets, as well. The cabin can be opened to place the pilot figure at the controls. The aircraft has been covered with high-quality prints that do not scratch or smear even during intense fun. In this set stickers have been completely abandoned. The prints reproduce the painting and equipment of the Korean war aircraft.

A special stand is also included to enhance the model's display and aircraft name plate.

  • 330 high-quality components
  • Manufactured in the EU by a company with more than 20 years of tradition
  • Meets safety standards for children's products
  • Fully compatible with other brands of building blocks
  • Blocks with prints do not scratch or smear and do not fade during play or under the influence of temperature
  • 100% prints, no stickers
  • Easy-to-read and intuitive instruction based on illustrations and step-by-step directions
  • Special display stand
  • 1 pilot figure

Model dimensions (length x width x height): 27 cm (10.6") x 33.5 cm (12.6") x 12 cm (4.7")

Box dimensions (length x height): 34.4 x 5.6 x 28 cm

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