Not Just Collectibles and myBrickZ - An international partnership

Not Just Collectibles and myBrickZ - An international partnership

Bridging Innovation and Passion: The Dynamic Partnership of Not Just Collectibles, LLC and myBrickZ

In the dynamic world of collectibles, a promising partnership has emerged between the renowned Not Just Collectibles, LLC and the innovative Berlin-based brand, myBrickZ. Founded in 2021, myBrickZ has brought a fresh perspective to the building block market with its unique designs, elegant packaging, and a deep passion for creativity.

The myBrickZ Vision: myBrickZ was born out of a desire to invigorate the building block market with new ideas and designs. Owners Steffen, Philipp, and their dedicated team have successfully launched an impressive expansion set that enhances any building block city collection. Their commitment to quality and innovation perfectly aligns with Not Just Collectibles' mission to provide collectors with unique and valuable items.

What This Partnership Promises:

  1. Creative Synergy: Combining myBrickZ's innovative approach to building blocks with Not Just Collectibles' vast industry experience promises a range of exciting, high-quality collectible items.
  2. Enhanced Collector Experience: The collaboration aims to enhance the collecting experience with beautifully designed, practical packaging, and expansion sets that add depth and value to any collection.
  3. Global Reach: Leveraging both brands' strengths, the partnership is poised to capture the imagination of collectors worldwide, introducing them to a new realm of possibilities.

Future Aspirations: As Not Just Collectibles, LLC and myBrickZ embark on this journey together, they are driven by shared goals:

  • Innovation in Design: Continuing to push the boundaries of creativity and design in the collectibles market.
  • Community Engagement: Building a global community of collectors who share a passion for quality and creativity.
  • Sustainable Practices: Emphasizing sustainable production and packaging to ensure a positive impact on the environment.

The partnership between Not Just Collectibles, LLC and myBrickZ represents a thrilling advancement in the world of collectibles. With a shared passion for innovation, quality, and community, they are set to introduce a new era of collecting that honors tradition while embracing the future. Collectors, get ready for an enhanced experience filled with beauty, creativity, and passion!

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